Fun Day!

Megan is in town so we went to lunch with her, Great Aunt Penny, Gigi, Auntie Madi, and Jaclyn at Jammin Bread. Tessa sat in the high chair and played with her tongue (I think in the last few days she has realized she has one) while we all enjoyed yummy sandwiches and tasty sugar cookies.

After lunch we went shopping at a children’s boutique for an outfit for Tessa’s 6 month photos. We found two cute options. I also found a cute pair of ruffle bloomers for Tessa to wear with her 6 month onesie.
Then it started pouring down rain so we all hurried to the car. Tessa fell asleep on the way to Gigi and Papa’s house. For the first time ever I was able to take her from her car seat to her crib and keep her asleep!

I think sleep training is finally working! After napping for an hour Tessa woke up ready to play.
Now that she can play sitting up Gigi found a bunch of fun toys that family and friends handed down to Tessa.