First Tumble Bugs Class

After showing interest in gymnastics during the Olympics I decided to sign Tessa up for a “gymnastics” type class through parks and rec. Her class is called Tumble Bugs and is every Tuesday morning for five weeks. Today was her first class. Parent participation is required so I put Landon in the carrier since he was having a fussy morning. 

When we arrived we signed in, wrote Tessa’s name on a name tag, took off our shoes and explored. I love how Tessa isn’t shy and just jumps right in. 

First the teacher gave the kids bells and had them do some jumps to warm up. Then they stretched on the circle. Tessa followed directions well. Next they learned how to do a front roll.

Next they walked on the balance beam on their tippy toes. 

They also practiced a back bend. 

Then the kids were allowed to do what they wanted and interact with each other. 

At the end of class they got a sticker and a stamp. We also got a coloring page and colored it as soon as we got home.  

Tessa had fun and is looking forward to going back.