First full day alone

James has been off for summer since Landon was born which has been super helpful and has allowed him bonding time with both Landon and Tessa. Today James had to go back to work which left me with both kids alone for the whole day for the first time. I have had them both alone for a few hours but not all day. 

My day started very early as in 4:30 am when Landon woke up to nurse (he wakes up every two hours). He decided to nurse for one boob at a time that night so he woke up again at 5:30 to nurse and didn’t want to go back to sleep. Tessa decided to wake up at 7 which was earlier than she had all summer. Our morning was off to an interesting start. I was able to get her dressed and ready, Landon in the bath and ready, and shower and get myself ready without any tears or drama. 
We had to run errands so I figured it was better to do it early. After breakfast I loaded the kids up and we headed to Carters. Landon had outgrown his newborn pj onesies so I needed to buy 3 month ones. Tessa decided to be a typical toddler in the store since I didn’t have a stroller for her (Landon was using it). She tried to play inside the clothing racks and touched everything. I quickly realized a double stroller is necessary. We bought our onesies and went on to our next stop. 

Next we went to Sprouts to buy some produce. Landon and his car seat took up the entire cart so Tessa had to walk. I let her be a helper by holding the shopping basket. As we were shopping for our fruits she decided to reach for a nectarine and took a bite of it which meant I was now purchasing it. We quickly found the other items on our list and left! 

Luckily Landon slept the entire time we ran errands so I left him in the car seat when we got home and made lunch for Tessa and I. She was allowed to have some Aunt Polly chips because she ate a good lunch. 

After Landon nursed we played in the play room before nap time. Tessa went down for a rest and an hour later Landon went to sleep. As soon as I got comfortable on the couch they both woke up. So no nap for me 🙁

We played some more before Daddy came home. Although my day started early and I was exhausted we had a productive day and survived without Daddy! Early bedtime for everyone!