First Dentist Visit 

Tessa had her first trip to the dentist today. Luckily we go to the best dentist office and Alyssa is the dental hygienist there. Tessa was excited and Alyssa did a great job of explaining everything and letting Tessa touch the tools and even played princess music for her. First, she counted Tessa’s teeth. She did a great job keeping her mouth open wide. 

Then Alyssa showed Tessa the toothpaste, brush, Mr. Thirsty, and the water gun. Tessa loved using the water gun and filling up the cup and having Mr. Thirsty drink it up. 

Tessa did amazing getting her teeth brushed and wasn’t afraid of anything! 

Tessa loved giving Mr. Thirsty a kiss 

Then Alyssa used a camera wand to take pictures of her teeth. 

Lastly, Tessa got a fluoride treatment then got to chose a prize from the treasure box. She chose a bouncing ball. They didn’t have any yellow toothbrushes so Tessa chose red. 

I’m so proud of how well Tessa did today!