First Day of Kindergarten

I can’t believe my baby girl started kindergarten today! She was excited to start school even though the days would be long. Tessa never went to preschool or TK so this was her first school experience. She wasn’t nervous at all!

After school we talked about her day…or what she remembered about it. When I asked her if she wanted to go back tomorrow she said “of course I am!” She is excited to see what surprises her teacher has planned for tomorrow. She loves her teacher Mrs. Melton and her classroom. She made a friend today named Aria. I worked with Aria’s mom in San Bernardino and now she works at Tessa’s school. She was even nice enough to send me a picture of the girls on the playground today.

It was weird to have Tessa gone all day so I was excited to pick her up! So was Landon!

I can’t wait to see what this school year brings for Tessa! I’m really looking forward to helping in her class!