Feeling better

After a couple of days of being lazy and staying inside Tessa and I both finally felt better! We needed to get out of the house so we went to story time. Of course it was pouring down rain but we made it work.  

   Then we came home and I finally talked Tessa into taking down the Christmas trees. She was sad to see them go but Gigi gave her heart lights to hang up for Valentine’s Day so that helped.  

Tessa missed her Gigi since she was sick so we stopped by for a quick visit. Tessa decided to show us her dance moves. 

Then eat some honey. Last week Tessa spotted the honey in Gigi’s pantry and wanted to try it so Gigi put some on her finger. The things Gigi lets her get away with. 

Then we talked Tessa into riding her quad with Cindy. She was finally brave enough to do it!