Feeding the ducks 

My parents used to take me to the cemetery to feed the ducks when I was little and I loved it. We decided to take Tessa and Landon this morning. On the way I explained to Tessa where we were going and what we were doing. When we showed up to the pond there was a sign that said “Don’t feed the ducks” (well it said it in many more words). I was torn on what to do. I had already told Tessa we were doing it and once I tell her somethings I have to follow through. We decided to just feed them a few Cherrios. Daddy had to keep scaring away the mean geese since Tessa was afraid. On our way to look at the water fall we saw two turtles but every time I got close to take a picture they would just in the water. Tessa said “next time we would bring them turtle food and they wake up and be so happy”. I love her story telling skills of how the morning happened.