Father’s Day 2016

Our Father’s Day tradition continued with a trip to Disneyland today. Tessa’s first trip was Father’s Day 2014 and so it kind of stuck. Luckily James enjoys Disneyland and doesn’t mind spending his day there. 




We started our day off at California Adventure and rode the new Luigi ride. It was a first for all of us. Tessa liked it until the ride jerked and she bumped her head and started to cry. 

Then we rode Mater and The Little Mermaid ride. We hurried back to Disneyland to catch the Mickey show. We got second row seats and Tessa was in heaven. 

James promised Tessa an ice cream since they couldn’t find the ice cream man yesterday. This was Tessa’s first Mickey ice cream. She didn’t like it on her hand so Daddy had to hold it. 

We rode It’s a Small World which was great because it is nice and cool! The temperature got around 106 today so it was nice to get out of the heat. 

Then we stopped at Mickey’s house in Toontown to say hi. 

Then headed to see Tessa’s favorite…the princesses. In the Royal Hall were Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White. Tessa went running toward Cinderella she was so excited! On our way out Tessa spotted Belle so we had to stop to see her as well. We went to the Lincoln area to cool off and hopefully have Tessa nap but then Minnie showed up so that didn’t work. 

We made a quick stop to have Tessa’s silhouette done since it was busy. The man who did it did an amazing job. I love how he captured her features and bow. 

After walking around Tessa finally fell asleep and napped. I wanted her to nap so we could stay later. The park was empty so lines were short. 

After her nap we had to rush over to California Adventure for the Play Parade (something Tessa requested we do) 
We stopped at a store on our way back to Disneyland and Tessa window shopped for princess stuff. 

Disneyland wasn’t crowded so we actually let Tessa walk down Main Street. It was so adorable when Tessa first got to Disneyland this morning she yelled out “the castle it’s beautiful!”

We took Tessa on Buzz for the first time. She wasn’t a fan though. 

Then Tessa and Daddy rode the tea cups and Dumbo. 

We finished off the day with a ride on the carousel. 

It was a long, hot, and busy day but we all had a blast! Happy Father’s Day babe Tessa is lucky to have an amazing dad like you!