Father’s Day 2015

Although we go to Disneyland frequently we decided to make it a tradition to always go on Father’s Day since Tessa’s first trip was last year on James’ first Father’s Day. 

Even though the day was about James, Tessa and I had to wear out matching Ariel Vans!  


Tessa was excited as always to be at the happiest place on earth.  

 We finally got a cute family picture in front of the castle.  

Then headed to ride Dumbo. 




 And then It’s a Small World. After that we went to see a show called Mickey’s Magical Map. Tessa loved it because it had lots of music and dancing.  



 After lunch we rode The Jungle Cruise. Tessa didn’t really enjoy it. But she liked the Winnie the Pooh ride so we rode it twice.  

After the ride we watched them make yummy chocolates and Tessa spotted Mickey.  

Then we watched the Pixar Play Parade at California Adventure.  

 We rode the Little Mermaid.  


And Tessa got the rest of the princess toys to add to her collection.  



 Happy Father’s Day James! Tessa is lucky to have an awesome daddy like you.