Family Christmas 2015

Our last stop was Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt’s house for Christmas dinner. Tessa was so excited to see everyone and of course Bitty baby had to come with us.  

Tessa didn’t want to eat dinner so she snacked on cheese, crackers and baked Cheetos all day.  

She loved being silly with Papa and playing high five with Mickey.  

I need to ask the aunts for pictures from their camera because I missed some memories. 

After visiting it was time for more presents.  

Cousin Kody gave Tessa her own special present…Minnie Mouse headphones to use with her kindle!  

Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave her a Doc McStuffins set with magnetic outfits.  

Uncle Matt gave her a singing Minnie Mouse with a light up bow. 


Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott gave her a Disneyland Little People set that includes a Dumbo and teacup ride. Tessa was so happy!  

Cousin Paige made her a special Doc McStuffins blanket.  

Tessa is one loved little girl! 

After some play time with her new toys it was time to head home.  


(Yes that is me getting mad at Tessa for trying to ruin her new toy, she had already ruined a piece of it)

Today was an amazing day! Tessa is so loved and had fun opening presents and enjoying time with loved ones. Looking forward to what next Christmas brings!