Everyone came to my house 

We ended up having an I prompt get together at our house today. Tia, Uncle Matt, Gigi, Papa, Auntie, Aunt Polly, Uncle Kurt, Cole, Kody, Paige and Amanda all stopped by. Aunt Polly brought lunch for everyone and “Aunt Polly” chips (Lays) for Tessa. When I was changing Tessa’s diaper she said “everyone came to my house”. She loves spending time with her family. Uncle Matt and Tia danced with her in the playroom and Kody swung with her outside. Tessa eventually passed out on Gigi.

Daddy went to hang out with the boys so I took Tessa and Landon to dinner at Cactus Catina with the family. Tessa sat by Aunt Polly who kept her entertained by making houses with the sugar packets and pretending the sugar holder was a boat for “It’s a Small World”. Tessa ate so much at dinner and was very well behaved.