Easter 2017

Tessa has been looking forward to Easter all month! She woke up before Landon so we let her look at her Easter basket while he slept. 

Once Landon woke up we did our egg hunt inside. James and I hid eggs in the house for the kids to find. Tessa’s were filled with her favorite Dove chocolates, jelly beans and some new hair clippies. She loved helping Landon hunt for his too! 

We all got ready and everyone came over for brunch. 

After brunch Tessa was spoiled with Easter presents. Gigi and Papa gave her Cinderella glass slippers to wear with her dress and the Aladdin movie she has been dying to watch. Aunt Pam and Tina gave her princess Easter stickers and goodies. Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott gave her a Princess carriage bubble machine. Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave her a butterfly life cycle kit with the caterpillars so we can watch them grow and change.

Tessa was excited to have M&Ms out and was only eating the yellow ones. 

After trying out her bubble carriage and a family picture it was time to hunt for the eggs Flop hid in the backyard. 

Flop hid some eggs easy and some a little more difficult. He also left Tessa a special surprise she has been wanting. Tessa loved going on her egg hunt and getting help from the family. 

After our egg hunt we dyed eggs. I loved Tessa’s “egg” shirt. I love that she likes to dress up for holidays. Aunt Polly gave her a cool egg dying “whisk” that was so helpful! Tessa chose to make most of her eggs yellow “because it’s her favorite color”. 

Another fun holiday creating memories!