Drop Zone Waterpark 2017

Marla, Vicky, and Valerie invited Tessa and I to join them for a day of water and sun at Drop Zone waterpark. Gigi watched Landon until Daddy got home from summer school so Tessa and I could have a special day. 

Tessa is becoming quite the water bug! Her and Valerie loved that one area had swallow water they could swim around in. Tessa was super brave and decided to try out all the slides. She started on the small green slide. She realized it was fun and kept going again and again. 

Then she decided she was ready for the blue enclosed slide

She loved the blue slide so she decided to try the orange slide. The lifeguard told her to lay down so she got a lot of water in her face at the end. She was brave though and just said “the orange slide is crazy”.

Then we rode the lazy river. 

Then it was back to the slide area for more swimming 

Tessa tried Dippin Dots ice cream for the first time.

We spent lots of time practicing swimming in the bigger pool. Tessa was excited she was tall enough to stand in the shallow end. 

Tessa and I had a great day!