Doc McStuffins

Tessa has quickly become a fan of the show Doc McStuffins. Since we have been packing to move and she has been teething I’ve let her watch tv more than usual. On Hulu the shows don’t have commercials so she can watch 15 minutes of it and I can get something done. She loves the songs and dances along.

While shopping for new clothes for her at the mall with Gigi she spotted a Doc stuffed doll. She cuddled with it while Gigi and I looked around. Then I told her we had to put it back so we could go to Mickey’s Store (The Disney Store). She put it back without tears or whining and we went off to the Disney store. 

The same Doc stuffed doll was there too so she held it all throughout the store. Gigi decided to buy it for her. Tessa was so happy and kept giving her big hugs. She is so sweet!  

She even wanted to take Doc to bed with her tonight but was so tired from teething and feeling crappy from her shots she fell asleep nursing. I’m sure she will be excited to see Doc in the morning.