Disneyland with Mommy

Tessa kept asking to go to Disneyland last week but I was so busy getting ready for her party I didn’t have time to take her. We decided to take advantage of leap day and go today. Tessa just loves Disneyland so much! She wanted to ride Mater first so we headed to California Adventure. After riding Mater and Ariel we stopped to have a snack.  

Then went to Disneyland to see the Princesses. Tessa was so excited to show Belle her shirt.  





Then we went to watch Tessa’s favorite “Mickey Show”. She ate an entire pizza (minus the crust) during the show. We got great seats and Tessa was able to Mickey and the dancers up close!  



Then Tessa napped and woke up in time to watch the Soundsenational Parade. We got great front row seats so many characters came by to see Tessa. 

Then we rode Dumbo and the Tea Cups.  

Tried on hats  

Rode the carousel  

And It’s a Small World  

And watched the Mickey show one more time! We got even better seats for this showing. During the performance the dancers come into the crowd. One dancer came by and gave Tessa a high five. I wish I would have gotten a picture. She was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about it. Her love for this show is over the top!  


Here she is yelling for Stitch