Disneyland with Mommy

I was supposed to take Tessa to Disneyland on Friday but it was raining so we decided to go today instead. It was crowded but we made the best of it. Tessa was excited to wear her new Belle shirt. 

She did a great job walking in all the lines and didn’t ask to be held. It was a bittersweet moment but I appreciated it since carrying her at 30 weeks pregnant is getting difficult. She wanted to see Belle first but she was “eating lunch” (something I tell Tessa when characters are unavailable to meet). We decided to stop by and see Snow White, Ariel and Cinderella instead. Cinderella was impressed she new Jaq and Gus from the movie as well as what the Fairy Godmother says. 

Then we rode the Storybook Canal boats before watching the Mickey Show. Tessa loves this show so much! Today one of the dancers gave her a high five and she was in heaven!

We had lunch on a bench in Toontown then Tessa spotted Goofy so we stopped to say hi. 

Tessa then wanted to see Mickey but his line was too long so we waited to meet Belle instead. Today Belle was wearing her blue dress. Tessa and Belle dicussed their favorite colors and their love of reading. 

Tessa took an hour nap then it was time for a snack so we headed to the baby center. Outside the baby center we found Mary Poppins and Bert. Tessa of course had to stop and say hi. She told them about how she made them castles and drew them pictures the other day. Mary asked if the castle was made from sand but we told her it was made with blocks. 

After a snack we headed to California Adventure. We rode Mater then stopped for ice cream. Tessa really enjoyed that. 

Then we watched the Play Parade. Tessa is thrilled it is back! 

After riding The Little Mermaid we stopped to have noodles for dinner at the baby center. Tessa lined up her grapes and counted them one by one. 

Tessa got a sticker for being good in the baby center. 

Then we rode the take out boxes before heading home. 

Our new ritual is watching the fountain at Downtown Disney before walking to the car. 

On the walk back to the car Tessa noticed that the light posts have Mickey heads on top of them. She is my little Disney lover!