Disneyland with Gigi and Tia

Today Gigi and Tia joined Tessa for a day at Disneyland. I wanted to make sure Gigi got to experience Disneyland with Tessa one more time before Landon is born. Tia came down for the weekend and joined us too! When we were kids a trip to Disneyland involved getting on as many rides as possible. For Tessa Disneyland trips involve meeting characters and watching shows/parades.
Our first stop was to see the princesses. Tessa is seriously in love with them. Ariel was very sweet and asked her about her human legs and her bracelet. Tessa was thrilled when Cinderella was in the royal hall. Cinderella was Tia’s favorite princess too!
Tessa heard the marching band as we were leaving the princesses so we had to stop to watch them perform.

Then we went on the Storybook Canals.

Then It’s a Small World

Tessa then took Tia to go see Mickey’s house and meet him.

Our next stop was the Mickey show…Tessa’s favorite! She loves the ending with Tiana. The highlight of today’s show was a double high five from a dancer.

After lunch we went on the Jungle Cruise.

Then Tessa napped and Gigi and Tia rode Space Mountain.

After her nap we headed over to California Adventure to ride Ariel. We made a pit stop to watch the Trolley singers (if there is music Tessa wants to stop!)

Then we rode Ariel. Tessa showed Gigi and Tia all the characters along the ride.

We met up with Valerie and Dana. The girls love to watch the Play Parade.We had to wait a long time for it to come since we were at the end of the route. The girls had fun playing with Valerie’s bubble wand and being silly with Tia.

Next up was Bugs Land. The girls love the take out box ride. They laugh and giggle the whole time!

Then Tia took them on the crazy ladybug ride!

They all rode Mater while I cooked Tessa’s easy mac for dinner since it takes so long to cool.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together and headed to Toy Story Midway Mania for our last ride.

Tessa loved the ride so we will have to add that to our list. We stopped at a few stores on our way out to find Tessa a princess sweatshirt but couldn’t find one. Gigi got roped into buying this weird double headed doll that Tessa had been looking at all day. One side is Cinderella and then you flip her dress over and Belle is on the other side. Tessa is in love with it!

We are sad that Dana and Valerie won’t have passes anymore but the good news is Gigi and Tia upgraded their tickets for an annual pass! So now they can come mid week and help out with Tessa once I have Landon. We made the most of our day and left later than usual but it was worth it. Such a great day!

Tessa loves her new doll so much she played with it all day and even napped with it.