Disneyland with Daddy

James hasn’t been able to go to Disneyland with us lately because I’ve been taking her during the week. We decided to go today as a family since our days as a family of 3 are slowly coming to an end. Tessa was happy to have Daddy come with us. Tessa was being silly on the drive there with her Cindy. 

I bought Tessa a Cinderella dress for $4 from a mommy Facebook group I’m apart of so of course Tessa had to wear it to Disneyland. Tessa even chose her sparkle bow to match.

Our first stop was to see Cinderella. Tessa couldn’t wait to show Cinderella her dress.  She also saw Snow White and Ariel. Next on Tessa’s to do list was to meet the Fairy Godmother. The Fairy Godmother is a hard character to find because she doesn’t have a central spot she visits from. We got lucky and found her though! Tessa was very happy. 

We rode the carousel and Tessa found Aurora on the ride. 

Next on Tessa’s list was the Mickey show. We found seats in the second row and Tessa was in heaven! Two dancers came by to see her. It made her day! 

After lunch we rode It’s a Small World 

Tessa napped then wanted to go to California Adventure. We rode rides in Bugs Land and the Monsters Inc ride. Then watched the Play Parade. 

We rode Mater then James took Tessa back to Bugs Land while I went to the baby center to make her easy mac. 

After dinner we changed her into pjs and headed home. 

She fell asleep quickly from her busy day! 

Videos from the day: