Disneyland Meet and Greet

Today we went to Disneyland…big surprise! We mostly went so Tessa could meet Doc McStuffins. After a horrible experience trying to park we finally made it to California Adventure. 

Our first stop was to meet Doc McStuffins. Tessa has become a huge fan of the show (the few times she has gotten to watch it) because the characters sing and the episodes are only 15 minutes on Hulu. We showed up early so Tessa got to squeeze in a quick visit with Sofia the First. 


Then it was back in line so she could meet Doc. Tessa was the first in line and so excited. She kept telling me she was going to give her a hug, a kiss, and dance with her. I love seeing her excitement when it comes to interacting with the characters. Even the photo guy noticed how happy she was. 

 Tessa loved Doc so much that we had to get back in line so she could visit with her again. 

After riding The Little Mermaid ride twice we headed to Disneyland to meet Ariel. We got their early so Tessa got to meet Aurora.  

Back in line we got so Tessa could meet Ariel for the first time. I think she was a little confused because she was wearing a dress instead of a tail. But she still liked her.  

  They looked at her shirt together.  
  And blew kisses  

We rode Dumbo next. Then watched Mickey’s Magical Map. Tessa LOVES this show!  This time we enjoyed an apple pastry for a snack. Tessa wasn’t a fan of the streamers at the end. 


After the show Tessa fell asleep in the stroller.  

Then I showed her the buttons we got her.  

We went back to California Adventure for dinner and the Play Parade.  

Then we rode the carousel and the Golden Zeypher ride. 



While we waited for the Engstrom’s we walked around Disneyland and met Pluto. Tessa wasn’t too sure about him.  

We met up with the Engstrom’s and hurried to get on a few rides. I totally forgot to take pictures 🙁 next time we will plan better! 

We might go a lot but Tessa definitely loves Disneyland and that makes it all worth it.