Disneyland Gender Reveal

Thanks to Pinterest I got the bright idea to do a gender reveal picture at Disneyland. I made Tessa a shirt last night and had everything planned out. I ruined the iron on vinyl I had to I used regular vinyl figuring it would last for one picture.   
Once we got to Disneyland we were on the hunt for a balloon. We’ve always told Tessa that she couldn’t have one since they are a rip off. Of course the one time I actually need one they are no where to be found! James decided to take Tessa on It’s a Small World while I went to city hall to ask where I could find a balloon. Turns out the balloon man doesn’t come out until an hour before the parade. That wasn’t going to work for us because that’s Tessa’s nap time. The cast member at city hall was super helpful and ended up going to the back and getting me the balloon. She also gave it to us for free! 
I met James in front of the castle with the balloon to change Tessa’s shirt and get our picture. Tessa decided to throw a fit and not take the picture and ruined her shirt. I was so upset! I managed to fix her shirt and then I had a talk with her that if she didn’t take the picture we weren’t seeing Mickey and would go home. She agreed to take the picture and we stayed. 

After our castle picture they had a show in front of the castle with the band and characters. Tessa was so excited to see all her favorite characters dancing. Pluto even blew her a kiss.  

Then we went to watch the Mickey Magical Map show. Tessa loves this show so much!  


After the show we went to see Mickey (we have to see him every time we come to Disneyland).  

She even told Mickey she was going to be 2.   

After lunch it was time for a nap. James walked her around until she fell asleep while I went to go get Landon’s Mickey ears made.  

After Tessa woke up we watched the Soundsational Parade. Tessa got a front row seat! She loves parades so much.  She dances, claps, waves, and points out her favorite characters the whole time. 


She wanted to ride Mater next so we went to California Adventure. On the way to Mater she heard the music for the Pixar Play Parade so we had to stay and watch it.  

We rode Mater then headed home.  

It was a lot of effort but I’m happy with our Disneyland gender reveal photo.