Disneyland for Mommy’s Birthday 

Today we went to Disneyland for my birthday and Landon’s first trip. Gigi and Auntie also joined us. The morning was hectic because of the parking situation but we ended up having a great day! 

Our first stop was to ask City Hall about meeting the Beast. They told us the Beast is shy and only comes out for the Christmas parade but Belle would leave a gift for Tessa if she came back later in the afternoon. Then we headed to the teacup ride. Gigi watched Landon while the rest of us rode. 

Then we rode Dumbo 

After Dumbo we dicussed our plan. Tessa loves a plan (as do I) and likes to know what we are doing next. 

After lunch we rode It’s a Small World and then we watched the Mickey show. Tessa loves the finale with Tiana. 

We took our first castle picture as a family of four and then Tessa napped. 

After her nap we stopped by City Hall to pick up her gift from Belle. She left Tessa a signed picture!

We changed into warmer clothes and Tessa ate a pizza lunchable before we went to California Adventure.  

Our first ride was Mater. Tessa loves this ride and laughs the whole time. 

Then we went to ride the Dancing Cars (I forgot the actual name). While in line Tessa says “mommy look I made a triangle with my hand”. Sometimes she amazes me! 

Our next ride was Midway Mania. Tessa likes wearing the glasses and rode with Gigi. 

Our last ride of the day was Ariel and then we looked in the shops while James got the car. Gigi wanted to just start Tessa a pin collection so we were looking for a Belle or Beast pin. One of the castmembers said they remember having one with both characters together so they went to the back to find it. It was no longer sold here and they only had one left so they gifted it to Tessa. She was so excited and told the castmember “it was the best day ever!”.