Disneyland-Father’s Day 2017

Our tradition has been to go to Disneyland on Father’s Day since that was Tessa’s first trip three years ago. This year Landon joined us for his first Father’s Day. Father’s Day isn’t ever crowded which is nice. We were able to ride lots of rides and even rode some “firsts”. Tessa ride Alice and Wonderland for the first time and rode the Toontown Roller Coaster with me (she went once before with Daddy). We had a great day and created lots of memories. 


Alice and Wonderland

Toontown coaster 

Ice cream before the parade 

Tessa was the last person on the parade route and got so much love. Aladdin blew her tons of kisses. Belle waved to her. Tessa danced the whole time!

Small world 

Smal world pressed coin to add to her collection