Disneyland Egg Hunt

After breakfast we went to Disneyland. I had to move the car so James took Tessa into the park. 

  Apparently she didn’t get enough character action at breakfast because she wanted to go see Mickey first. By the time I got in the park they had finished with Mickey so we headed to start our egg hunt. That was until Tessa heard the music from the Mickey show so we had to stop and watch it. 

Then we started our egg hunt. For the egg hunt you buy a map that includes stickers then you go to that location and look for an oversized painted egg then place the corresponding sticker on the map. James and I did the hunt in California Adventure last year while Tessa napped. This time Tessa got to help out!   

Once your map is complete you get to collect an egg as a souvenir. (Last year you didn’t get to choose your egg so we got Goofy, good thing Tessa loves him).  

This year you were allowed to chose and Tessa chose Mickey!  

Then Tessa was over tired so we knew it was time to head home. She ended up falling asleep while watching the parade on YouTube.