Disneyland Christmas Fireworks

We went to Disneyland today which will probably be our last trip until after Christmas.  James really wanted to take Tessa on the Toontown roller coaster and we were going to stay for fireworks since they were at 7 pm which was early enough for us.  Tessa and I took the escalator and tram into the parks which made her happy since normally we have to walk with the stroller.

First we took pictures in front of the big tree and the castle.  We managed to only get one cute picture this year.

Then Landon and I went to find a spot for the parade while Daddy took Tessa on the roller coaster.  She loved it!

We got another great spot for the parade and this time the Beast waved right at Tessa!  She was so happy! Tessa loves a parade.  She sings, dances, and waves the whole time.

Our next stop was the princesses like always.  Cinderella asked her what she wanted and she told her a Beast dolly and a blue dress. Cinderella even knew she was talking about Belle’s blue dress which made Tessa happy.

Tessa had to stop and watch the firemen band today and even danced with them.

After a few rides in California Adventure we went back to Disneyland and Tessa fell asleep before the fireworks.  We had to wake her up so she didn’t miss them.  This was her first time seeing fireworks since we normally leave before the show at Disneyland and we are in Havasu on the 4th of July.  She kept telling James, “Daddy, look at that one”.  Then she loved the snow even more!

It was nice to have Tessa experince some new “firsts” on this trip and have James be there too.