Tessa and I took a trip to Disneyland today. She was looking forward to watching the Christmas parade. We started our day off with some rides. First stop was Dumbo. Tessa now thinks it’s funny to put her finger in her nose when you try to take a selfie with her.  


Then we rode the Storybook Canals. I love when all the little houses are decorated for the holidays. After that we rode It’s a Small World. Tessa likes when the doors open and the people come out of the clock.  

She of course had to look at the toys in the shop as well.  

We stopped to have lunch. Tessa ate cheese as usual.  

Then she took a short nap because the band started playing before the parade. She found a Goofy fan/candy toy she had to have which kept her entertained while we waited for the Christmas parade to start.  

Tessa loved the Christmas parade! It was so cute to see her get excited when she spotted her favorite characters. 

Then we stopped by to meet the princesses. Today Tessa visited with Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. 

We had to pay Mickey a visit before heading home. Mickey was so excited to see Tessa and kept giving her kisses. 

 Dumbo had a short line so we got one last ride in.  

 We finished our night by watching the  water fountain in front of the World of Disney. 


And stopped in the store to give Mickey and Minnie a hug ( I think these might be on her Christmas list). 

I’m thankful that I’m able to work part time for my Papa so I can enjoy days like today with my little girl.