Disney with friends

Today we met up with the Engstrom’s at Disneyland. It was Tessa’s and Valerie’s first trip together. 

We started off at Disneyland and headed to meet the princesses. Valerie was unsure about them. Tessa liked them (even though you can’t tell from her expressions). Belle was her favorite for sure. This time she even gave Cinderella a hug!   

Then we went to Toontown. We played in Goofy’s house. But the line for Minnie’s house was too long. So we went to ride Small World instead.  

Derek bought the girls frozen apple juice and Tessa loved it!  

After Small World we watched the Mickey Magical Map show.  

 The girls shared snacks. 

And Tessa clapped along to the music. 

Then we headed over to California Adventure. We rode Little Mermaid first.  

Dana and I rode the roller coaster while Valerie napped and Tedsa rode the carousel.  

After dinner Valerie woke up and we went to Bugs Land.  

Our last ride of the day was the Golden Zephyr. 

Time to head home!  

Tessa was allowed to chose a souvenir for being a good girl at dinner. She has recently had a love of magnets so she chose a magnet with the Disney gang. She loves it so much!