Tessa and I got to spend some one on one time together today even if it meant going to the dentist. First, we headed to Temecula to the Apple Store to get my phone battery checked. Tessa stopped at every fountain along the way. 

Apparently my phone battery is fine although it dies super faster. We had extra time so we went to the Disney store. Tessa did an amazing job coloring and had to dance to the Belle sing along song. 

Then we had Red Robin for lunch because Tessa needed noodles for lunch. Tessa was such a big girl and sat on her own side of the table. 

Next we went to our dentist appointment. Tessa LOVES going to the dentist. She loves to have Alyssa clean her teeth. Plus she loves playing with Mr. Thirsty. 

Then Tessa got a certificate for having clean teeth and chose Halloween stickers from the treasure box.

Tessa even let Alyssa put fluoride on her teeth. 

Tessa’s favorite part was getting a new toothpaste.