Daddy’s work

This morning I took Tessa to visit James at work during his prep period and lunch. She was so happy to see “daddy’s classroom”. The staff and students loved her! Everyone commented on her curling hair and how much she looks like James. Tessa was a little shy but had fun walking around the classroom and drawing at the big kid desk. 

The school was celebrating “Dude, be kind” week so the students had positive messages written all over campus. 

Avid hosted lunch for some of the teachers so James brought it back to his classroom. Tessa loved picking the sprinkles off the cookie. 

Tessa had to bring home the Mickey figurine she found in the classroom. She also found a nickel on our walk back to the car. 

James had to go back to teaching so we will visit again on the last day of school. 

When we came home we had lunch and then painted a wind chime. 

Then I decided to teach her the letter O. We made an octopus. She wasn’t a fan of coloring because she wanted to use the glue so bad. I showed her how to use the glue and stick on Cherrios for tentacles. 

I think every Thursday we will learn a different letter and make a craft.