Tessa can be seen in many of her pictures holding a white bunny.

This bunny made its debut on May 16th and came with the name Cindy. Aunt Polly bought me this bunny when I found out I was pregnant. It was the first gift Tessa ever got. My Aunt Polly had a stuffed bunny growing up named Cindy, so that is were the name came from.
From birth I’ve been putting various blanket animals in Tessa’s arms. She never really liked them. Then one day she decided Cindy would be her buddy.
Fearing that Cindy is white and only having one of her I’ve been on the search to find a back up Cindy. Today I hit the jack pot! On Amazon I found a pack of 2 Cindy’s.

And one is lavender! Now we will have 2 white Cindy’s and a lavender one for her crib.