Cindy gets a bath 

Cindy had to take a bath today. I was totally nervous to put Cindy through the wash since Tessa loves how stinky she is and I was afraid it would ruin her ability to fall asleep on her own. But it was time. Looking at the before Cindy pictures I’m embarrassed that I let Tessa cuddle with that nasty looking thing. Tessa helped me put Cindy in the teddy bear washing bag and I explained to her it was time for Cindy to take a bath. Once Cindy was done in the dryer I handed her to Tessa and she shoved her face in her let out an “ahh” and walked away. I guess I could have given Cindy a bath a long time ago. Once it was time for a nap Tessa cuddled with Cindy got her binky and quickly went to sleep. Cindy will be getting a bath for frequently now that’s for sure! 

Cindy before 


Cindy after