Christmas Morning 2018

Tessa was so excited for Christmas morning. I was worried she wasn’t going to wake up feeling good since she threw up a few times last night. Luckily she woke up happy and feeling better. She couldn’t wait to run downstairs with Landon to see what Santa brought them. We put up a blanket on the stairs so they couldn’t peek down and see their surprises.

She asked Santa for a Fancy Nancy dress and the Fancy Nancy jewelry box but Santa also surprised her with a new princess bike. Tessa was so excited it had a doll carrier and a spot to store “treasures”. It had been raining all night so we quickly got the kids ready to take their bikes outside to try them out. They were able to ride them for a few minutes before the rain started again.

Tessa was so sweet and wanted Daddy to open his present from her first. She gave him a new washer game to play in the backyard. Then her and Landon took turns opening their gifts from Mommy and Daddy. We do the something to wear, read, want and need. This year Tessa’s want was the Lego Cinderella castle. Her need was this cool scheduling watch I found her. We are able to schedule out her day together and the watch shows an icon so she knows when she needs to get dressed, practice music or play outside. Her wear gift was two new Belle sweatshirts for Disneyland. Lastly, her read gift was a new Ariel and Cinderella chapter book to read with Daddy before bed.

Landon gave Tessa a Monopoly Junior game. He chose to wrap it in Cruz paper with a yellow tag and a light up pink bow.

Tessa gave me some Mary Poppins pins to but on my jean jacket for Disneyland.

Next we took a break for some breakfast casserole. Tessa still doesn’t like it so she had a yogurt instead.

Then we opened stockings. Tessa was thrilled Santa brought her a yellow bath bomb and an LOL doll.