Christmas Morning 2016

Tessa woke up super excited to see what Santa brought her! Landon was still sleeping to James and I both got to enjoy her reactions.  I loved how she passed by the Beast’s castle and went straight to her “Beast dolly” which she had asked for.


Santa also brought Tessa her blue dress.  I was surprised she didn’t want to put it on right away.

After looking at her Santa presents Tessa opened her stocking.  I loved how excited she got over each item.

Then Landon woke up and Tessa showed him what Santa brought him.  She was excited to try out his new wagon.

Next Tessa opened presents from Mommy and Daddy.  She was very excited over her “need” present which was Belle bedding for her new big girl bed.  She also got matching sheets with a Beast pillow case.

Her “wear” gift was new Belle t shirts and a princess jacket to wear to Disneyland.

Her “read” gift was a princess alphabet book.

Her “want” gift was a Beauty and the Beast tea cart that sings.

Landon gave her a marble maze set which quickly became a favorite.

Since Landon was more into chewing on bows instead of unwrapping presents Tessa stepped in to help him out.  Tessa was very excited for him to open his present from her mostly because she couldn’t wait to try it out!

Tessa was excited to give Daddy his present which was a new Beast shirt to wear to Disneyland.

Tessa gave me a new tool set and a charm for my necklace. 

Tessa quietly played with her beast dolly and castle in her blue dress while we got ready.

After breakfast, showers and getting ready we headed for Gigi and Papa’s house for the fun to continue.