Christmas Morning 2015

Tessa woke up grumpy on Christmas morning which I was a little disappointed about but she was happy once she saw her Santa presents. She ran to her bitty baby first. She was so excited!   

Then she noticed her easel  

And bubble mower except the bubbles all spilled out so daddy has to work on fixing that.  

After looking at her stocking (I forgot to get a picture of what Santa put inside) Tessa decided her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines were her favorite. She was super excited Santa left cheese in her stocking.


I wanted her to try some hot cocoa (it wasn’t really hot) but she wasn’t about it.  

Then Tessa opened her gifts from Mommy and Daddy.  


She loved her “something to wear” especially the rain boots! 

And couldn’t wait to use her “something I need” broom and garden tools with Daddy.  

She was super excited for her “something to read” Biscuit Christmas book. 

And loved her “something I want” Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals. She couldn’t hug them tight enough. 

We took video all morning on the video camera so I need to work on downloading them to YouTube. 


After getting dressed and ready for the day Tessa had a meltdown but refused to nap. So we headed to Gigi’s and Papa’s house.