Christmas Eve 2018

We hosted Christmas Eve this year and enjoyed having Gigi, Papa, Auntie, the Horta-Hughes, and Lacey’s over. We ate soup, played games and the kids opened a few presents. Gigi and Papa brought over some gifts for the kids to share and use in their new playhouse. They loved to pretend sell ice cream at our old house so they gave them ice cream sets to use in the playhouse. They were a hit!

Megan gave Tessa a DIY bath bomb kit which Tessa has been dying to make. She has wanted a bath bomb for a long time.

Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott gave her kid mineral make up and a caboodles to store it all in. Tessa has been asking to use my make up daily so I’m happy she has kid friendly stuff to use now.

We ended the night playing LCR even though Tessa wasn’t feeling good. She was on Gigi’s team and some how they managed to win again!

This year Tessa got a singing Lumiere ornament with her Christmas Eve pjs.