Christmas Eve 2016

We hosted Christmas Eve again this year.  Tia came over in the morning allowing James and I time to clean and get the house ready for everyone to come over.  

This year we decided on appetizers and everyone brought one (or two) to share.  Tessa decided to eat her favorite food…pizza sandwich aka a pizza lunchable.  

We also thought Christmas Eve would be a good time for Tessa and Landon to open their presents from Grammy and Gino which gave them something to play with.  Tessa got a couple of new books including her favorite The Night Before Christmas which she couldn’t wait to read to Gigi.


They also gave Tessa a small piano which will help her with her “concerts”.

Tessa had a great time visiting with everyone and looked like such a big girl with her messy bun and pretty dress.

Tessa couldn’t wait to give her gifts to Gigi, Papa, Tia, Uncle Matt and Auntie. This year they got keychains. 

Keeping with tradition Tessa opened new pjs and an ornament from us.  This years pjs came with a tutu which is very fitting for our little princess.  Her ornament was Beauty and the Beast so we can remember her obession for years to come.

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to see how excited she is for her Santa presents!