Christmas Eve 2015

This year we hosted Christmas Eve in our new house. Earlier in the week my mom helped me make the lasagna and all the aunts helped bring sides, drinks and desserts. 

Of all days to skip a nap Tessa chose today. I was very nervous about how she would behave but she did pretty well. She visited with everyone and loved her balloon from Aunt Pam and Tina.  

Tessa wouldn’t try the lasagna so she ate a quesadilla and beans for dinner.  

While we all ate lasagna, garlic and salad Tessa watched Barney. 

Then we let Tessa open her Christmas Eve present. Our tradition is to open one present which always contains new pajamas and an ornament. Someday when Tessa moves out she will get to take her collection of ornaments with her to decorate her own tree.  

This year’s present contained a special surprise that no one saw coming. We are expecting baby #2 in July 2016!  

Then Tessa got to open her present from Aunt Pam and Tina since she wasn’t going to see them on Christmas Day.  She loved her pillow pet and Minnie Mouse playhouse.

After being up all day it was time for her to go to bed. Then we all played LRC as a family and Uncle Matt was the big winner! 

It is so nice to have a house big enough to host a holiday and have everyone there to share our big news. 

While Tessa was sleeping Santa came!