Christmas Dinner 2016

After Christmas morning at our house and Gigi/Papa’s we headed to Corona to have Christmas dinner with the family at Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt’s house.  Both Tessa and Landon fell asleep on the drive over but didn’t stay asleep for long.  Tessa enjoyed playing with her new Rapunzel tower and her new plush toys and put on a lot of chapstick!

Tessa told me that she doesn’t like turkey, ham, or prime rib so once again she had a pizza sandwich.  It is easier to pick my battles on holidays so that is what she ate.  After eating and visiting Landon got to open some presents because he was fussy and tired.  Then the adults opened presents and Tessa had fun popping the bubble wrap with Tia.  

Tessa also loves that Aunt Polly has Christmas Little People toys too.

 It was quickly getting late so Tessa opened up her presents next.  She is a lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love!  Pam and Tina gave her a Christmas book and magic sand.  Uncle Matt gave her princess stamps, a princess tin and hanging decorations as well as a princess car play mat.  Michael and Brittney gave her a princess play doh set which came with Belle so she was super excited!  Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave her stamps, a princess sticker book and a Disney princess figurine collection.  Paige gave her a Belle frame to hang up in her new big girl room.  Megan gave her lots of new Biscuit books.  Fred gave her a Mickey piano and book set (This is a special gift because Mary Jo chose it for Tessa before she passed away).  Aunt Penny and Uncle Scott gave her a Little People bus and preschool set.  

And Kody gave her a princess fishing pole that lights up! 

You can see a princess trend with Tessa’s presents this year since she is addicted to them.  Thanks again to my amazing family for loving spoiling Tessa so much.

After presents both Landon and Tessa were overly tired so we headed home.  I wish we could have stayed later to let Tessa enjoy her gifts with the family but it was a long busy day for a baby and a toddler.  Overall, we had another great Christmas where I was reminded of how amazing my family is and how thankful I am to have their love.