Christmas at Gigi and Papa’s 2016

Tessa was excited to see her Gigi, Papa, Tia and Auntie on Christmas.  

First, Tessa had to say hi to their front yard decorations before going inside. 

Our attempt at a family photo before presents.

Gigi and Papa spoiled Tessa with 10 presents!  Tessa’s favorite was her Beauty and the Beast chapstick and her Little People Rapunzel tower. Tessa became a pro at opening presents very fast!

She got a new Belle sweatshirt from Disneyland.

A Belle shirt

Princess lunchbox with utensils

Rapunzel Tower

Pretend Cupcakes

Princess cds for her new princess karaoke machine

Belle book

Beauty and the Beast socks and a Beast trading pin from Disneyland

and lastly a princess puzzle.

As if that wasn’t enough Auntie gave Tessa all the plush characters from the Beauty and the Beast movie for her new bedroom. (I didn’t get a picture of them all so this a picture from the next day).

And Tia gave her a glass enchanted rose!

Tessa was one happy/spoiled little girl!

Next we drove to Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt’s house for more Christmas fun.