Candy Cane Craft

Tessa searched on Pinterest this morning to find a Christmas craft.  Today she decided on a candy cane made from beads and a pipe cleaner.  Luckily, Landon was napping so I could give her my full attention.  I put red and white beads in a cup and showed her how to lace them on the pipe cleaner explaining that the pattern was red, white.  I took the beads off then let her do it on her own.  To my surprise she did the pattern on her own and kept saying red, white, red white.  She did an amazing job!


After her candy cane we made an ornament next.  I punched circles out of tissue paper and gave her the glue and let her go for it.  She did a good job only using a little bit of glue.  I helped her make the topper and added the ribbon.


She was very proud of both her crafts and hung them on the tree.

Then we made a sponge paint Rudolph.