California Adventure with Dan and Sara

Today James was off work and his brother and his wife were down spending a few days at Disneyland. We decided to meet up with them for the day (Tessa hasn’t seen them since she was 6 months old).  

Tessa wanted to ride Mater first.  She also collected leaves in line.

Then we met up with Dan and Sara and headed to Bugs Land.

First they rode the Ladybugs.  

Then the Take Out boxes  

The adults went to ride Tower of Terror while I took Tessa to get lunch. After lunch we went to The Little Mermaid ride and the carousel.  

 Our last ride of the day was Toy Story Midway Mania. Tessa had never ridden it before.  It was a little jerky but she liked it. Daddy won because I let Tessa ride with me. 

Overall it was a great day and we were glad we were able to meet up with Dan and Sara.  

Sara gave Tessa a Mickey Mouse candle which she held the entire way back to the car.