Bye Ship

Our cruise vacation has come to an end 🙁 we woke up this morning got ready and has breakfast with the family at Park Cafe. Then we grabbed our stuff and headed off the ship. Tessa kept saying “bye ship” as we were exiting and walking to pick up our luggage. We then took a shuttle to the airport. Then the drama began…I accidentally booked our flight for July 25th instead of July 18th. Apparently Jet Blue uses the same flight numbers each weekend. 

  After paying a hefty charge to get our tickets switched we made it on the plane! Tessa was great the whole ride home. She took a few naps, watched Barney, and played with the family.  

It was raining in LA when we landed which made our trip home seem like forever! Once we were finally home Tessa pooped 3 times (sorry for the TMI she didn’t poop all week!). She then walked around in circles and touched all her toys. She was happy to be home. 

She had some beans for dinner and then went to bed in her crib without any tears.