Busy Saturday 

We had a busy Saturday! This morning we went to a brunch baby shower for Daddy’s friends Brian and Devan. They are welcoming a baby girl soon. Tessa was extremely well behaved all morning and enjoyed spending time with Daddy’s friends. She also discovered they had raspberries filled with chocolate chips and a candy bar with Uncle Matt candy (pez). Addison was sweet and played princesses with her. 

After her nap Dana and Valerie came over to meet Landon and play. Tessa was excited because she hasn’t seen Valerie in a while. They played well together in the play room with only a few instances where Tessa struggled with sharing. 

Then we headed outside to play in the backyard. 

After dinner the girls played some more in Tessa’s room and then it was time to say goodbye. These two are so cute together and the best of friends.