Bee craft

Tessa has been into making craft lately and asked to make one today. I quickly looked on Pinterest and found a cute idea to make a bee using an egg carton. I had everything we needed except for black pipe cleaners but we made it work. Tessa did a great job painting her bee yellow all by herself. She still can’t decide if she wants to be left or right handed. 

While her bee was drying she wanted to keep painting so I got out her water colors. Tessa wanted to paint a flower so I drew one on paper and let her have at it. It’s hard to not step in and guide her but I’m trying to let her be creative. She started to understand how to clean her brush in the water before choosing a new color. 

After her bee was dry I helped her draw on stripes with a sharpie. Then we added antenna and wings. Lastly Tessa glued on googly eyes (which are her favorite). I think it turned out adorable!