Beauty and the Beast musical

We took Tessa to her first musical today. RCC put on Beauty and the Beast and we just had to take her (thanks to Aunt Polly for telling me about it). Gigi and Papa came too. I had no doubt Tessa would love the musical I was a little anxious about her keeping quiet. 

Tessa wore her Belle dress (also her Halloween costume). Gigi bought her special red dress shoes which Tessa calls her “Belle” shoes. 

Her princess pose 

Photos before the play 

Once inside we met the house manager of the theatre,Carol, and she took to Tessa right away. She even took Tessa’s picture because she thought she was so cute. She said Tessa was meant to be on the stage. 

After finding our seats Carol took Tessa to meet the orchestra and see the stage. 

Tessa loved loved loved the show. She danced to all the songs and clapped after each one. The costumes confused her a little bit so she started talking. She was super well behaved though. At intermission I asked her what her favorite part was and she said Belle singing. Belle had an amazing voice. Tessa also told me that she was going to sing on the stage some day. 

After the play Tessa got to meet two of the performers. Lumiere and Babette (the feather duster). Tessa walked right up to them and started chatting it up! 

After the play Tessa started crying because we couldn’t go to Disneyland. My little Disney lover (plus she didn’t nap). We headed to Marie Callender’s for dinner instead. 

After dinner we went back to Gigi and Papa’s house. They gave us our gifts from their trip. Tessa loved hers.