Beauty and the Beast 3rd Birthday Party

This year we decided to do a smaller family party to celebrate Tessa’s 3rd birthday. Tessa chose to have a Beauty and the Beast party. She was a big helper when it came to decorating for her party the night before. 

Gigi found an adorable collection of Beauty and the Beast outfits at Kohl’s and Tessa wore one for her party. She loved the skirt because it has the characters on it as well as her pink shoes. 

Tessa loved that her favorite people came to help her celebrate. 

Tessa requested to have pizza for lunch. Then her friends Valerie and Milo came to celebrate. 

Then we all played Bingo and Tessa helped Gigi call out the numbers. 

Tessa did so well opening her presents and wanted to play/try everything out right away. Everyone was so generous and bought her amazing gifts.

Tessa chose a Belle cake and Gigi made Belle cookies. 

Tessa chose to play with her new play doh set first. Aunt Pam helped them make snakes. 

Thanks to everyone who came to help Tessa celebrate. She had a great day!