Balance beam 

Every since watching gymnastics on the Olympics Tessa pretends things are balance beams. Today Daddy used extra wood and built her one. Eventually we will make her a taller/skinnier one but this works for now. 

Then Daddy and Tessa washed my car. She is actually helpful which is surprising for a toddler. She thought she was vacuuming but was actually just using th me vacuum attachment without it attached to the hose. 

After her nap we were building castles using her blocks for the princesses. She didn’t feel like she had enough to make each princess a castle so she asked to FaceTime Gigi. She asked Gigi if she would buy her more. Gigi gives Tessa whatever she wants so she bought her some on the way home from the mall and Auntie brought them over. 

Tessa loves to play dress up and I found this Callie dress clearance so I had to buy it. Tessa was excited to show Auntie. Her favorite part is the badge.