Backyard Makeover

James is off for the summer…well for 10 days before summer school starts. We (mostly he) decided to tackle the backyard before Landon is born. On the right hand side we decided to make a gravel area for Tessa and Landon to dig and play with trucks. The middle area will be grass and we are going to put bark under the swing set on the left hand side. We started with the gravel play area first. James has been working so hard everyday! He made a paver retaining wall which meant he had to cut out a bunch of tree roots and then laid down a weed barrier. 

Today we went shopping for gravel. When she showed up at the store Tessa spotted a “cock a doodle do” from the car. She immediately wanted to see it. 

We walked around and looked at the different rock types. We decided on pea gravel. 

It gets delivered tomorrow morning and Tessa can’t wait! James gave in and bought her the cement rooster. I guess he will have a home in the rock play area. Tessa loves her “cock a doodle do” so much. She has been giving him hugs and kisses all day.