Back to diapers

After switching back to diapers Tessa and I had a great day. She helped me wash my car and then we made pictures for Daddy using her stamps.  

Then she played alone. She read books and played with her princess castle.  

 After lunch we played in the backyard and she sold me ice cream from her play house.

Before her rest/quiet time we read books together in her room. She loves the opposite book and can read what is coming next. 

When it was time to go in the crib she got upset and cried “mommy mommy” for about 6 minutes before stopping. I have never put anything in her crib besides her binky and Cindy, but she has been fighting her naps I told her she could either read or play with Minnie in her crib. After crying for me she settled down and read for about 15 minutes.  

Then she laid down and napped for about an hour.  

After her nap we played some more and then Daddy came home. 

To get some alone time I’ve decided to go for an hour walk everyday when James gets home from work. He took Tessa to play outside and I went for my walk. When I came back Tessa helped me make meatloaf for dinner.  

James took Tessa to Sprouts to get some produce that was on sale and I printed some documents for our tax appointment tomorrow. When they got home it was time for dinner. I forgot how much Tessa loves meatloaf so I might start making it weekly.  


After her bath we read books in her room.  

 She wanted to know “who that man was?” in the baby beluga book so we talked about Eskimos. 

We read a few more books and she had to stand “behind” me. Behind is one of her new favorite words.  

After a few more books it was bedtime.