Auntie Day 

Today we went to lunch with Auntie at Tummy Stuffers. It is my favorite sandwich shop by Papa’s yard. Papa joined us too! Tessa already had noodles at home so she had Aunt Polly chips there. 

On our way home Landon was fussy so we stopped at the Canyon Crest shopping center. Auntie took Tessa to Rite Aid for an ice cream while I nursed Landon in the car. Tessa chose rainbow sherbet just like I did as a child. 

After her nap Daddy came home with a special surprise. She has been asking for a Chip to go with her Mrs. Potts at Gigi’s house. The princess kitchen Gigi bought came with Mrs. Potts but no Chip. Tessa likes to have all the characters so Daddy went to the Disney store on his way home and bought her a Chip cup. She was so excited to have him we had to take him to Gigi and Papa’s house right away!