Apple Farm

Today we made our annual trip to Oak Glen to visit Los Rios Ranch and pick apples. Gigi, Papa, Auntie Madi, Tia Lindsey, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Polly all came.  


We started off with the new petting zoo they added this year. Daddy took Tessa in to feed the goats. Although she didn’t get down she was brave and touched them.  


Then we waited for our hay ride so we took pictures. 






And sampled different apply types even though the U-Pick apple picking was closed.         

We then took a hay ride                     

We were all thirsty and hungry so we had a picnic lunch.  And Uncle Matt took Tessa for a walk to get samples of apple cider.       

After shopping Tessa danced with Aunt Polly.      

Then we went to pick a pumpkin since the apples weren’t available.       

Auntie Madi found a wheel barrow and took Tessa for a ride to the pumpkin patch. Tessa loved it so much she didn’t want to get out.           


The pumpkin we chose turned out to be $16! because that type is good for baking so we left empty handed.   

On our walk back to the car Tessa fell and got her first scrape 🙁     

Even though we didn’t get to pick apples we still has a fun day with family.